Contextual Consulting: Research, Design, and Strategy

We research and design projects, businesses, tools, structures and partnerships to make sense of context. We work with big and small organizations, social enterprises, and academia to develop projects and ideas that understand where they are and what they are meant to do.

Engaging informality  has the potential to lead to more salable, successful, and impactful social enterprises, non-profits, businesses, and international development. Our design experience and network enables us to research and understand local contexts and partner with the strengths and opportunities in communities and networks. The opportunity to engage informal systems is an opportunity to develop more sensitive and emergent projects and programs. Likewise, inside informality are the insights for better project design, service delivery, and tool making. We design systems that understand that context is unique but networks exist everywhere.

How we do it
We act as consultants and collaborators, augmenting existing projects and steering new ones to make sense of their surroundings and have the highest impact and sustainability.  This leads to projects which utilize and build upon informal and existing capacity, and entirely new innovations which compliment and grow new opportunities. We consistently work via research and design to develop the best programs and strategies that understand context and lead to scalable impact and positive change.