iHub Nairobi Workshop: Problem Solving in Context

Categories: Workshop

Adam delivered a series of open research and design workshop for members of Nairobi’s iHub community in partnership with Kiva (www.kiva.org) the online micro-lending portal. Adam led the workshop through abridged definition, research, and design phases on a real world project. The group explored how context and research lead to innovation and more useful platforms and tools.

Participants in the workshop were introduced to context-oriented research and design methods through the real challenges Kiva is looking to overcome. Through problem definition, stakeholder interviews, field research, group brainstorming and a final critique the team was able to develop a series of new and interesting strategies while learning tools and approaches useful in their other projects.

We described the workshop as a hackathon with no hacking allowed. Our goal in the workshop was to encourage more technical social entrepreneurs to start with context, rather than technology, and develop the tools and perspective necessary to do so.

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