Groupshot researches, designs, educates and advises on projects at the intersections of innovation, social entrepreneurship and global development. We work as partners, consultants, and creators to design projects that understand context. We work to bridge existing and informal systems with global patterns of innovation through technology, community, conditions and culture.


Adam White

principal, co-founder


Adam White has worked on and consulted a variety of innovative development, infrastructure, and urban focused projects in over half a dozen countries. He completed his Master’s Degree in City Design and Social Science at the London School of Economics. He graduated with honors from the Tufts School of Engineering with a focus in Development and Technology. Adam has researched topics ranging from transportation and redevelopment for the Olympics in Beijing and London, to community health in Northern Haiti. He recently completed his master’s thesis on crowd-sourced SMS urban rebuilding  in post-earthquake Port-au-Prince while working with the core London team of FrontlineSMS.

Gwen Floyd

advisor, co-founder

Gwendolyn Floyd has been principal at Regional, office for design and development, for five years, where she develops systems and strategies for social change and strategic technology implementation. Over the last three years she has focused on the developmental promise of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in emerging societies. In addition to advising and consulting development initiatives and organizations around the world, she has lectured at Harvard, Stanford, University of California San Diego, Hong Kong Polytechnic, the Institute for the Future and the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Joshua Kauffman

advisor, co-founder

Joshua Kauffman is a globally-active designer and advisor. He is a co-founder and principal of REGIONAL Inc., which develops systems and strategies for spatial, social and commercial settings. He has developed media technologies and strategies for operations in restrictive media environments such as Cuba, Iran and Egypt, and is active deploying a flash-drive sneakernet in Cuba. Joshua has recently led workshops or lectured in academic and corporate settings such as Harvard, Stanford, The University of California San Diego, The Southern California Institute of Architecture, Intel, O’reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference, The Institute for the Future and the Hong Kong Polytechnic schools of Business and Design. He has played early-stage strategic and service design roles for companies including Philips, Nike, Honda, ebay, and the BBC.